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Advantages of Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine catalyzes neuron growth and aid ineffective communication between brain cells, and is therefore used in solving anxiety pains, depression and other kinds of stress harm the brain’s effectiveness in communication while antidepressants change the chemical concentration in the brain to solve the same problem. Although Ketamine has been, for a long time, used as an anesthetic, it’s potential to treat psychiatric diseases was recognized only a few years ago, with the following benefits.

The first benefit that Ketamine brings is rapid relief whereby patients experience a change in their symptoms just some hours after treatment and nearly all have a notable improvement of mental state within 24 hours of treatment. Patients, depending on the condition they are suffering from, may experience renewed self-esteem, increased concentration ability, improvement in appetite, sexual desire, sleep, and disappearance of tormenting suicidal thoughts.

The second advantage is that it is safe and effective as it has passed the test of time when it has been used as an anesthetic, where it has shown that unlike the others, it does not slow down any vital body function and although the blood pressure and heart rate may slightly increase, they remain stable. Ketamine is administered at a slow rate which equated to a tenth of the dosage of other anesthesia resulting in fewer and less damaging side effects when compared to other antidepressants.

Another advantage, which is for the advanced Ketamine care, is that Ketamine Infusion Therapy is cost-effective in the long run because even if Ketamine care may be expensive, it comes with other associated psychiatric care costs which include psychotherapy, medical adjustments, and pharmacogenetic testing, an attribute which will help avoid paying insurance for psychiatrists who do not take Medicare. This treatment method is, however, not affordable for everyone because it is hard to predict when treatment will stop.

Another great advantage of Ketamine is that its infusion takes a short period of time without hospitalization making it time-limited, and outpatient, seeing that the time it would take equates to the time the patient would spend on a session with a psychotherapist. To experience the same result with an antidepressant, it would take hospitalization, days and weeks treatment program unlike the forty-five minutes needed for infusion.

Lastly, Ketamine Infusion Therapy is available even for the older teenagers since it can be administered to persons who are beyond 16 years of age. It is easy for a young person to get worse due to mental troubles but Ketamine helps them get their lives back in control before further damage had been done.

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